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OndaLuce 13 April 2021

Vuelta, the unconventional ceiling light It's hard to have to buy a ceiling light.

A thousand doubts, various perplexities, especially after having seen so many, all with different…

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OndaLuce 23 February 2021

The vain recklessness of Pythagoras

Enlighten your study, your desire to deepen, your moment of reflection. Do it with…

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OndaLuce 9 February 2021

Ares, the ambient light that envelops.

In the diverse world of Ondaluce, outdoor lighting is paramount. For this reason, it…

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OndaLuce 27 November 2019

Ceramic. Modern technology, artisan tradition

Can modern technology be combined with the materials most closely linked to traditional craftsmanship?

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